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Consultation and assessment

When I am asked to assess a child, I work within a consultation framework to help clarify what the question is that needs answering and how best this can be achieved. "I have really seen the impact of the work of Zubeida in the class teams. She has a great style which pin points where staff can make improvements without undermining the good work they are already doing" Read more

As an accredited AVIGuk guider, I use this brief, evidence based intervention to improve relationships and reduce conflict in classrooms.  I am also currently training as a supervisor in VIG and am therefore able to help train any members of staff you would like to become VIG practitioners. "Taking part in the VIG process has been a terrific way of learning - my professional practice has improved as a direct result of this... The impact of VIG has been overwhelmingly positive" Learning Support Teacher Read more

There is mounting evidence that regular reflective practice for staff in educational settings leads to a more proactive way of working and reduced stress.  This in turn leads to a better outcomes for the children and young people they work with as well as lower rates of sickness and staff turnover.  Read more

Staff wellbeing
This is something I feel passionate about.  In order to look after others you must know how to look after yourself. Good staff wellbeing is also associated with lower rates of sickness and staff turnover. My work includes whole staff wellbeing training as well as whole school wellbeing projects. I also facilitate small group experiential sessions to help staff develop simple every day strategies for coping with the demands of working in education. "I felt in safe hands with Zubeida"  Teaching assistant

Mindful approaches
The NHS recommend 5 steps we can all take to improve our mental wellbeing, and being mindful is one.  I can deliver mindful approaches as an intervention for individuals, groups, or whole classes as well as working with staff. 

I offer a range of training sessions, tailor made to suit the needs of your staff and educational establishment.  Read more  

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