Consultation and assessment in education

I work within a consultation framework and start off by trying to clarify:
  • who is most concerned about the child at the moment
  • what their concerns are
  • what the question is that needs addressing
  • how this question may best be answered
  • what the next small step may be for your child
  • how adults supporting the child can best help 
It may be that our consultation indicates that educational psychology assessment is needed.  Assessment may include a range of activities including:
  • seeking different people’s views, 
  • observations across a range of settings, 
  • looking through pieces of work, 
  • analysing existing data, 
  • dynamic assessment approaches, curriculum based assessment, as well as standardised assessments. 
work with key adults to help formulate hypotheses which might explain the difficulties that the child/young person is experiencing. Once this information is gained I can help clarify what type of assessment tools would be best used to test these hypotheses.

"I have really seen the impact of the work of Zubeida in the class teams. She has a great style which pin points where staff can make improvements without undermining the good work they are already doing" Senco