Video Interaction Guidance for parents

Video Interaction Guidance

"I wish I got on better with my child…"
"I want someone to help me manage my child's behaviour…"
"I find it hard being a parent."
"I hate it that we seem to shout all the time……"

These thoughts are very common.  If they are familiar to you, you may find Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) helpful.  This is a brief, evidence based approach to improve relationships and reduce conflict between parents and children.  

What is Video Interaction Guidance (VIG)?
Video Interaction Guidance helps you understand and improve your communication. When you and your child communicate better, you are more likely to:
  • Feel better about your relationship with your child:
  • Feel better about yourself as a parent;
  • Manage difficult behaviours or difficult situations more effectively;
  • Reduce conflict in your family too.
There is a growing body of evidence that supports VIG as an intervention. It is recommended in 3 NICE guidelines: Social and Emotional Wellbeing (ages 0-5 yrs); Autism: Management and support of children and young people on the autism spectrum; Children's attachment.  For more information please visit the website:

What happens?
I come to your home at a time that suit you and take a short (usually only 10 minute) film of you and your child doing something fun/ enjoyable together. I then edit the film to find a few very short clips that show moments of successful interactions. I then come back to meet with you again and we look at the clips together.  I will help you spot what it is you are doing well and how you can do more of that. People usually report that three cycles of filming and looking at the film together are enough to lead to change, but sometimes it take longer.  

How does VIG work?
  • We only look at what you are doing well - this is empowering and motivating and makes change more likely
  • It helps you understand how you can further build your relationship with your child in order to meet the goals you have set.
  • A personalised approach which builds on your unique style of parenting.
  • With my help, you are able to take the lead and discover new things, rather than being told by someone else.
  • By seeing yourself doing things successfully you are actually practising doing them, making it more likely you will do them again!
"I was struggling to enjoy parenting my 2 year old son, and looking for a way to improve our relationship. VIG and Zubeida came highly recommended. I really liked the way the work focused on my own goals and looked at the positive aspects of our communication. It was empowering to be shown, close up, what we were already doing well. It seemed easier to try to build on this than work out what I was doing wrong!  I was pretty nervous about being filmed but Zubeida quickly put me at ease and was a fantastic person to work with. The whole process helped me build confidence in my ability to parent and in the relationship I have with my son." Mother of 2, Sussex